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Telecommunication Towers

Meridian Surveying, LLC has provided land surveying services to several companies in the telecommunications industry. We have been involved with many large scale build out projects offering site surveys and FAA 2C/1A certification letters.

Typical projects include:

  • new tower sites (raw land)  sample
  • co-location surveys for existing structures

The professionals at Meridian work tirelessly to exceed our clients expectations and meet project deadlines.


 Completed Projects

  •  FAA IA/2C CERTIFICATION  for Cricket Communications., Completed several 2C Letters in Southeast Wisconsin. Project description: determine existing tower position and elevations by Latitude and Longitude using Mean Sea Level Datum (Vertical) and North American Datum 83/91 (Horizontal) respectively.
  • TELECOMMUNICATION SITE SURVEY for multiple wireless telecommunication companies. Project description: Prepared Site Surveys & Lease Exhibits consisting of Raw Land, Rooftops, Water Tanks, and Existing Towers throughout Wisconsin and Illinois.
  • TELECOMMUNICATION AS-BUILT SURVEY for Alltel/Verizon Network. Project description: Prepared As-built Survey of tower sites after construction. Included grade check, improvements and tower heights while implementing labeled photographs within our drawings.
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