Professional Land Survey Services!

Why survey?

Whether you are a current land owner or a prospective buyer of real estate, you may find the need to obtain a land survey. Many different situations dictate the need for a property survey. For instance...

Purchasing real estate - Not only will a land survey physically depict your "lot lines", but it may also reveal any conflicts that may occur with adjoining properties or other encumbrances that might affect the property of interest.  These items may assist in any decision to purchase a particular piece of land, and can also help resolve any conflicts prior to the real estate exchange.


Developing existing real estate - Whether you are building a fence, adding on to your home, or erecting a new structure a property survey may be required by the local municipality to obtain the proper permits for your project.  At the very least, it will help insure that your project doesn’t violate any set back issues from existing property lines (an issue that could be very costly in the long term).

In some cases it may be desired to split existing property into several smaller properties for individual sale.  In almost every instance, a survey will be required to perform such a task.

As a property owner, sometimes it is desirable to just know exactly what it is that you own.  You have a deed on paper, but what does that mean in real life on the ground?  A property survey will physically depict what is in ownership. 


 Conflict resolution - In some instances the location of a property line between two parties is unknown; thus causing confusion or conflict between the parties involved.  A survey will provide a non-partisan view as to the location of the property line.

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